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United Kingdom

We’re StickerDevils, selling an exclusive range of bespoke stickers — from comic-inspired icons to dressing up your Mac — that can be stuck on just about anything — MacBooks, tablets, suitcases, skateboards.


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Do you have a question? Not sure how long your stickers will take to arrive? Worried about residue left on your stuff? If you need to know anything else just contact us.


What kind of material do you use?

We use professional grade vinyl and it shouldn’t show any wear on your stuff. The stickers use a UV print process, and the vinyl is 100mic in thickness.

Will removing my sticker leave residue or adhesive?

Removing your sticker to replace with another great design from us shouldn’t leave any residue. But don’t worry if it does, it’s nothing a little nail polish remover can fix.

Do I need any specific solutions to apply my sticker?

No, in fact, you could damage the adhesive if you do. Just stick it to ’em!

Are the stickers reusable?

Not really, but if you’re careful you could stick it to something else. But we wouldn’t recommend it — just visit us again and try another design!

How do you ship?

Stickers will arrive in an envelope.

How long until I get my stuff?

Most orders ship in 7 to 14 business days. International shipping can take a little longer.